Best Christmas spots to see in Athens

Most people know Greece for its famous islands and believe that it’s only a summer destination. However Greece, and specifically some cities such as Athens, do have a lot to offer during the other seasons as well. For instance, what better than some cozy walks around all the beautifully decorated spots of Athens while drinking hot beverages during the Christmas period? It’s the definition of Christmas vibes, at least for me! If you’re spending Christmas in my city, you might be wondering what the best decorated Christmas spots to see in Athens are. Here you will find the answers to your questions so keep reading!

Little Kook

This is the number one Christmas spot in Athens that everyone walks by at least once during December! It is a café that gets seasonally decorated, but the most impressive decorations are definitely set up for Christmas! It has a really amazing facade and the most beautiful corners filled with ornaments. Ideally go during the evening, when each one of its countless lights turns on. It’s such an experience!

Athens Metro Mall

I love this shopping mall during Christmas time, as it always has some sort of decorations just outside its door! Usually there is a silver Christmas tree and a beautiful big carousel where you can also take a ride. This year instead of the carousel they had setup a gorgeous red Christmas gift box with a yellow bow, and so many blue lights around on the walls! 

Lighted carriage with reindeer

Although this is a new spot for me, I thought that the best Christmas spots to see in Athens wouldn’t be complete without it. I don’t know if this decoration is regular, but passing outside Happy Pencil bookshop this year I found an amazing setup of a lighted carriage with two reindeer! It comes straight out of a fairy tale! There isn’t much to do around and the spot is located quite far from Athens center, but it’s worth a visit if you are wandering nearby. Best thing is that it’s not crowded at all during the evening, when it is actually worth to visit with all the lights turn on!

City Link

In the heart of Athens center, City Link gets beautifully decorated every year. There is a big golden Christmas ball consisting of stunning lights. You can also get inside the ball to take some photos! Also usually there is a lighted sign writing the number of the year to come. Just wander to find the decorations you like the most and probably combine your walk with some shopping around there.

King’s Theater

Located right next to Little Kook, this café-bar also has some of the best decorations in Athens for Christmas every year! The highlight is its interior, which makes you think you are in heaven! It’s a bit dark but full of amazing lights and beautiful angels, creating a unique Christmas atmosphere! I would advise you to have your coffee or drink in a table inside, and it’s better to come early as it tends to get full after 11 a.m.

Peñarrubia Christmas Ball

If you head to the southern suburbs of Athens for you Christmas walk, don’t miss to get around Peñarrubia café. Apart from taking a coffee or drink there with beautiful sea views, you will find a big red Christmas ball very close. Its lights turn on in the evening, when it’s the best point of the day to enjoy it.. At this time the spot isn’t full of people, so you can have the whole place to yourself for hours!

Syntagma Public Store

I guess that no visit to Athens is complete if you don’t pass by Syntagma square. If you happen to walk around there, you should definitely make a quick stop by the Public Store right opposite the square. Its whole facade gets decorated with a huge red bow made of lights, which are off during daytime but the sight is still beautiful! In the evening it’s even more impressive, as the red bow lights as well as silver lights turn on and the whole building glows!

Have I missed anything about Zakynthos? Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and feedback!